Astro-Chem Industrial Degreaser

SKU# GJ1020 (Greer Janitorial specific SKU)


A powerful high active, water soluble, degreaser cleaner concentrate that is formulated for extremely tough industrial and commercial cleaning applications. Manufactured with a unique combination of detergents, emulsifiers, sequestrants, metal corrosion inhibitors, alkaline builders, penetrants, chelating agents and water soluble solvents to yield a highly versatile formula.

Authorized USDA Product

1 Gallon



Using the dilution chart below as a guideline, apply to soiled surfaces by spraying, mopping, wiping, brushing, pressure cleaning, foaming, dip tank, ultrasonic cleaner, or other available methods. Allow sufficient time to work, agitate if necessary, rinse and allow to dry. For Food Contact Surfaces: Rinse thoroughly with potable water before reuse.

16 OZ./GAL (1:8): Industrial Plants, Marine Areas, Repair Shops, and Garages
8 OZ./GAL (1:16): Parts Cleaning, Food Processing, Equipment, Air Conditioning, Floors
4 OZ./GAL (1:32): Automotive, Pre-paint Areas, Routine Housekeeping
1-2 OZ./GAL (1:128, 1:64): All Routine Medium to Light Cleaning Operations


    • Water-based and pleasantly fragranced / Easily cleans heaviest industrial oil and greases with a minimum of labor
    • Multiple dilutions  / Highly versatile
    • Dilutions safe for use on all ferrous and non-ferrous surfaces
    • Designed for hand and mechanical applications including high pressure washing
    • Extra heavy duty industrial strength / Versatile and pleasant to use
    • Not recommended for use on glass or water-based painted surfaces.