Chem - EEZ Heavy-Duty Degreaser / Cleaner

SKU# GJ1001-5 (Greer Janitorial specific SKU)


The original heavy duty cleaner degreaser which is used in a wide variety of cleaning and degreasing applications. This product is manufactured with a combination anionic-nonionic detergent system and includes chelating agents, inhibitors, wetting aids and water soluble solvents to provide rapid emulsification on both dry and oily soils.

Authorized USDA Product

5 Gallon


Apply to surface by mop, sponge or spray. Agitate if necessary; rinse and allow to dry.

For Food Contact Surfaces: Rinse thoroughly with potable water before re-use. Refer to the handy dilution chart below as a guideline for dilution recommendations:

Light Cleaning & Degreasing: 1 to 2 OZ./GAL. (1:128 to 1:64)
Moderate Grease & Soils: 4 to 8 OZ./GAL. (1:32 to 1:16)
Heavy Grease: 16 OZ./GAL. (1:8)
Resilient and Non-Resilient Floors, Walls, Building Exteriors, Plastics and Vinyl Upholstery, and Automotive: 2 OZ./GAL. (1:64)
Wax Stripping, Trucks, Metal Cleaning, Pre-Paint Cleaning: 10 OZ./GAL. (1:12)
Bath, Shower, and Locker Room Facilities: 4 OZ./GAL. (1:32)
For Food Processing Applications, Machine and Automotive Shops, and other Very Heavy Duty Degreasing: 40 OZ./GAL. (1:3)


  • Concentrated janitorial strength product / High use dilutions allow for greater versatility and economy of use
  • Water soluble formulation / Product is non-flammable
  • A truly general purpose product / Product is used for housekeeping, automotive and marine applications, food packaging and service areas, and others too numerous to list
  • Fast grease cutting action / Allows for minimum labor and waiting
  • Product in service for over three decades / Long term proven acceptance