Citrus Creme Metered

SKU# GJ491505 (Greer Janitorial specific SKU)

Concentrated Dry Spray Odor Counteractant for Automatic Dispensers


For use in automatic dispensers. Formula delivers maximum fragrance and odor control with measured releases. Deliciously scented, finely atomized spray carries farther and lasts longer.

For use in locker rooms, hospitals, nursing homes, smoking areas, cars, boats, RVs, motels, restaurants, and bathrooms. Eliminates tobacco smoke, cooking odors, mold and mildew odors.

STANDARD USAGE: Place aerosol dispenser refill in metered dispenser. Controls odors for up to 4,000 cubic feet. Emits pre-measured dosage every 15 minutes for up to 40 days. Each can contains 3,800 metered releases. MANUAL USAGE: Press once to release. Appropriate dosage is instantly dispersed. Repeat if necessary.