Car & Truck Wash

  • SKU# GJ4210004

    A high foaming vehicle washing detergent with excellent wetting and loosening action. It leaves the vehicle with a high "like new" shine.

    Where To Use:

    Fleet vehicle cleaning Car Rental Agencies Truck Washing Hand Vehicle Washing Self Serve Car Washes Car Dealers Conveyor Car Washes Foaming Brush Applications


    Hand brush washing - 1/2 oz./gallon water

    Mechanical washing - direct feed or pre-dilute so final dilution is approximately 1 oz./gallon.


    Hand washing - Dilute in warm water. Use sponge or long handled soft bristled brush to apply and agitate solution. Apply to a small workable area. Washing in a circular motion be sure to overlap. Rinse thoroughly with hose or pressure washer. Mechanical washing - Based on type of equipment, dilute according to equipment manufacturer's directions.