Floor Pads

  • SKU# 3500N

    A natural pad for scratch removal on hard finishes; Designed for low frequency burnishing programs

    Equipment Type: Electric, Battery, Propane Machine Speed: Ultra High Speed, 1,500 RPM and above


    • Ultra high speed (1500-3000 RPMs)
    • For use with wide variety of floor finishes
    • Removes marks and scuffs while polishing
    • Designed for low frequency burnishing programs


  • SKU# 4100
    • Made for light cleaning with either a rotary or automatic scrubber with minimal dulling of finish.
    • Fine polishing particles dispersed throughout the pad provide high performance over the pad’s life.
    • Also used to spray buff and dry buff soft finishes to a high gloss.
    • The polishing pad is washable and reusable.
    • For use with low-speed floor machines on many types of floors including wood.