Bare Bones Floor Stripper

SKU# GJ1058 (Greer Janitorial specific SKU)


A 55% active speed stripper that easily cuts through multi-layers of burnished floor finish. This “true” no-rinse stripper does not contain potassium hydroxide or sodium hydroxide yet is the fastest working liquefier on the market. Low foaming, no scrub and no rinse features make this product a must for all professional floor care systems.

1 Gallon



Dilute BARE BONES® following dilution recommendations below. Dilute using cold or mildly warm water only.

Light/Normal Buildup: 8 oz per gallon of water (1:16)

Heavy Buildup (Burnished): 20 oz per gallon of water (1:5)

Mop/Wet Vacuum Stripping System: Apply liberally with a mop to an area small enough so as not to allow the product to dry and allow to stand for 3 to 5 minutes. Agitate with a mop and remove solution and old finish with a wet vacuum. Allow floor to dry thoroughly and apply new finish as directed by manufacturer. If complete stripping is not accomplished repeat the above procedure before re-application of recommended NCL Floor Finish.

Floor Machine Stripping System: Allow to stand for 3 to 5 minutes, scrub with a rotary floor machine or automatic scrubber equipped with stripping pads. Remove solution and old finish with a wet vacuum and allow floor to dry completely. If desired, a rinsing step can be added. Apply recommended NCL Floor Finish as per instructions.

Note: Asphalt tile, Linoleum, and other sensitive floor surfaces may be damaged by contact with stripping solution.  We recommend that a spot test be conducted before general use.


  • Low foaming / Can be used through automatic scrubbers
  • Contains no potassium or sodium hydroxide / Safe for personnel & flooring
  • Requires no rinsing / Saves time by eliminating neutralizing and rinsing
  • No scrubbing machine needed / Reduces equipment costs & can be used in hard to get to places
  • 55% Active / High use dilution for greater economy



The power of BARE BONES® will allow your maintenance staff to quickly proceed with stripping down the longest of corridors with great efficiency.


Retail floors receive heavy traffic and need multiple layers of hard film coatings. BARE BONES® is strong enough to cut through those layers for thorough and complete stripping.


BARE BONES® has the power to cut through the coating layers tough enough to hold up under the demands of a heavy industrial environment.


Government procurement offices are responsible for purchasing in many different types of facilities, each with their own unique flooring challenges. At least with BARE BONES®, purchasing officers area aware that BARE BONES® will work on most hard surfaces and most flooring materials to remove multiple layers of burnished in finish, to prepare the surface for a proper application of finish.


As a building service contractor, you sometimes may enter a facility for the first time not knowing how old the existing finish is or how many coatings need to be removed prior to finish application. With BARE BONES® you are assured that you have a product strong enough to effectively cut through multiple layers of finish and allow your staff to stay on schedule and on budget.

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